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We blend innovative design, software engineering, and analytics expertise to help you build your firm’s future.

Every organization that has adopted application outsourcing over the last decade or two is now constantly looking at ways and means to refine and revolutionize its capabilities in this space to ensure that results produced are in line with business demands. In order to achieve this objective, enterprises are constantly on the lookout for best practices, innovations and frameworks for delivering sustained business value and ensuring operational superiority.

At STG, we offer Application Outsourcing Services that help clients transform their application outsourcing portfolio, while enabling them to achieve higher and enhanced business value. STG’s approach is tuned towards ensuring greater operational superiority and strategic differentiation, thereby making our client’s business a lot more competitive. We are at the cutting edge of key technology paradigms such as Cloud Computing, Application Modernization and Agility, and are transforming our clients’ IT environments to leverage these next-generation technologies, across their businesses.


STG enables business results by being a ‘transformation catalyst’. It offers integrated portfolio of services to its clients in the areas of Consulting, System Integration and IT Outsourcing for key-industry verticals.

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