Customer Experience (CX)

STG injects CX into the core of your business transformation, from workplace efficiency to omni-channel delivery, taking advantage of sophisticated analytical systems and new channels to help you respond to your stakeholder expectations in near-real-time.


From Customer Journey to Life Journey

CX is not just limited to the products, services and experiences; it is extended to Life Journey. Data collected from CX is used to provide the recommendations to customer life journey to improve their lifestyle. Ex: Life Insurance companies waive Apple watch payments by tracking your fitness activity


Autonomous Everything

  • Everything around you is automated to provide the best CX. Voice assistance in omnichannel, smart-homes, connected vehicles, payments.
  • Lifestyle – Alexa is listening how well you are sleeping, wearables tracking your heart rate every second.
  • Security – Face recognition for access control.
  • Consumables – Patterns of your consumption and reminders to buy or place order


Understanding Customer in the moment

Providing customer experience by understanding customer activity at that moment through the smart devices around. Experiences during driving, sitting at beach, park and customize accordingly.


Monetize CX

Monetizing of data collected during CX. Recommendations on health like diet plan, fitness, insurance, apparel. Banks – relationship with customers, spending activities, deposits etc.,


STG offers consulting & advisory, implementation and operation support services in data analysis, discovery, insights, design and development of products leveraging UI/UX, Mobility, MXDP, CRM, Low-Code/No-Code and AI driven solutions to enhance the customer experience.

Consulting & Advisory Services

  • Customer Experience, MXDP / Omni-Channel, Data Analytics Strategy & Advisory
  • Customer Experience Consulting Services
  • Integration strategy with Digital Assets, Analytics & Insights
  • Customer Experience Manage, Optimize & Enablement Roadmaps
  • Mobility Center of Excellence (CoE) Advisory
  • Enterprise Mobility Strategy & Consulting Services
  • Mobility Platform Feasibility Analysis & Selection
  • Mobility Architecture Definition
  • Mobility Roadmap Definition
  • Low Code / No Code Platform Adoption Advisory
  • Low Code / No Code Platform Feasibility Analysis & Selection
  • Low Code / No Code Architecture Definition
  • Consulting for Data Analytics Solutions
  • Data Analytics Adaption Roadmap
  • Assessing Data Analytics Tools & Technologies
  • Setup Data Analytics Center of Excellence
  • Assessments & Workshops
  • Implementation Options and Solutions

Implementation Services

  • Tool Configurations that enable CX
  • Analyze & Insights Reports
  • Design, Development & Implementations
  • Integration with other Data & Digital Assets
  • Insights, Metrics, Alerts and Notifications
  • Outcome Driven Delivery
  • Mobility CoE Implementation & Governance
  • Development Standards, Scope Definition, Estimation & Planning
  • Mobile Infrastructure Services
  • Microservice Design & Development
  • mBaaS Integration and Backend Integration Procedures
  • Mobile Security Implementation
  • Low Code / No Code Implementation & Governance
  • Low Code / No Code Platform Infrastructure Services
  • Implementing Data Engineering, Data Science & Data Visualization Solutions
  • Configuring Data Analytics Tools
  • Implementing Security & Access Controls
  • Assessing & Auditing Analytics Systems
  • Automated Testing Services
  • AGILE & DevOps

Operational Services

  • Application Support Services
  • Infrastructure Support Services
  • Multilevel Support – L1/L2/L3
  • Compliance driven by SLA’s
  • Mobility Managed Services
  • Mobile Analytics
  • Enhancements, Configurations and Security activities
  • Maintenance and Upgrades to Digital Tools
  • Organizational Periodic Trainings to enable CX
  • Low Code / No Code Managed Services
  • Citizen Developer Support Services
  • Support for Data Analytics systems (Data Engineering, Science & Visualization Systems)
  • Performance Monitoring

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