Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud is IT infrastructure that connects at least one public cloud and at least one private cloud, and provides orchestration, management and application portability between them to create a single, flexible, optimal cloud infrastructure for running an organization’s computing workloads.


Hybrid multi-cloud is a hybrid cloud infrastructure that includes more than one public cloud from more than one cloud service provide


By enabling an organization to

  • Combine best-of-breed cloud services and functionality from multiple cloud computing vendors
  • Choose the optimal cloud computing environment for each workload, and
  • Move workloads freely between public and private cloud as circumstances change


Hybrid cloud helps an organization achieve its technical and business objectives more effectively and cost-efficiently than public cloud or private cloud alone. Companies derive up to 2.5x the value from hybrid cloud than from a single-cloud, single-vendor approach.

Modern hybrid cloud architecture

Modern hybrid cloud architecture is focused on supporting the portability of workloads across all cloud environments, and on automating the deployment of those workloads to the best cloud environment for a given business purpose.


The following trends are driving this architecture:

  • Cloud Native: Organizations are building new applications and modernizing legacy applications by leveraging cloud native, micro services and containers technologies
  • Hyper-Converged Infrastructure: A unified system that combines all the elements of a traditional data centre storage, compute, networking, and management
  • Edge Computing: Smaller data centers at the edge and place it closer to the location where data is being generated.
  • Infrastructure as code – lets developers create these environments on demand using any compute resources or cloud resources located behind or beyond the firewall.

STG Offers the following Hybrid Cloud services:

  • Consulting & Assessment Services
  • Implementation Services
  • Operations Services



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