Data driven insights to better Customer Experience in Dealerships

At a glance

We enabled our customer to streamline their process of data consolidation to enable a cohesive and meaningful insight generation. This led to an efficient and accurate dealer scoring process within the customer’s First Award for Excellence program in order to drive dealer behaviors that improves car-buying experience, which in turn leads to increased loyalty and vehicle sales.

What we did

  • Customer experience strategy
  • Data modeling and migration
  • Data Insight and visualization
  • Application development
  • DevOps
  • Continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD)

Legacy of Customer Centricity

Since its inception, our customer and its brands have been pioneers in providing personalized experience to each and every customer across different touchpoints of the entire car buying journey. As the pace of digital transformation evolves, they always put the customer at the center of whatever they do, whether we’re making long-term strategic decisions or short-term practical decisions.


Customer has over the last few years focused on identifying touchpoints with tools and processes to ensure that there are metrics associated with them to collect feedbacks from experience of each customer and use the same to meet and exceed customer expectations. The silver bullet to achieve the aforementioned is by leveraging any and all data, both internal and external.

Democratizing Data

As customer started to focus on the type of data being received and begin leveraging the same to develop metrics to inject the process of consolidating and streamlining the flow and usefulness of the same for better decision making. They needed a partner who could demonstrate established capability in the Automotive Domain with experience around enabling and enhancing end-user customer experience, as well as help them meet the business expectations through a speedy & timely delivery while maintaining high-level quality.


Customer engaged STG to help build an end-to-end automation for data to be ingested, validated and consumed towards generation of dealer scores based on the experience of individual customers visiting the dealerships. The scores led to incentive generation as part of the program Customer First Award for Excellence.


In addition to enabling the network development team to create a cohesive group of dealer teams, the data relaying the customer experience was made available to other teams such as Warranty, Sales & Marketing, etc. in an easily consumable format to enable development of data profiles for each customer.

Measuring an enhanced experience

STG put in place an effective, flexible and scalable Customer Experience data hub (CX ODS) within first three months into the engagement using an open architecture-based technology solution


In addition, STG also implemented automated interference process to identify dealerships who tried to falsify the data by faking customer feedbacks. The steps put in place led to prevention of incentive generation for such dealerships and hence savings for the company.


The first release of CX ODS back in January 2019 was just the beginning. With implementation of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment, multiple rollouts have been completed in 2020 and few into 2021. STG, and Customer will continue partnering to understand and identify opportunities to achieve laser focused customer centricity.