Application Modernization

Application modernization enables an organization to protect its investments and refresh its software portfolio to take advantage of contemporary infrastructure, tools, languages and other technology progress. A robust application modernization strategy can reduce the resources required to run an application, increase the frequency and reliability of deployments, and improve uptime and resiliency, among other benefits. As a result, an application modernization plan is a common feature of an enterprise’s overall digital transformation strategy.


STG provides Modernization Services that don’t just drive reduced cost, risk and increased agility. By focusing on the user experience, our approach creates additional business value that results in increased collaboration, productivity and revenue. We do this by consolidating, re-architecting, migrating, replacing and automating your IT systems.

Our Application Modernization & Consolidation Services:

  • Strategy & Advisory​
  • Consulting Services​
  • Options and Solutions​
  • Modernization & Consolidation Roadmaps​
  • Low Code / No Code Applications​
  • Harvest business rules​
  • Prune dead code and dead functionality​
  • Legacy Migration Services​
  • Migration Tool Configurations​
  • Application Modernization​
  • Application Support Services​
  • Infrastructure Support Services​
  • Performance Monitoring

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