Banks and financial institutions continue to grapple with mounting cost pressures, rising competition from the fintechs, emerging disruptive business models, agile responses to risk and regulatory needs, and growing customer needs. While most of them have embraced digital transformation to ward off these challenges, there are significant roadblocks on the way comprising clarity on digital strategy, reimagining technology-business intersect and change management.


At STG, we help you overcome these hurdles by adopting Banking to the Power of Digital philosophy that focuses on six elements: core system modernization, business process overhaul, digital technologies and platforms, core infrastructure, data management, and CRM to create long-term business value.


Key Expertise

  • Customer Experience and Analytics
  • Digital Banking
  • Channels and Mobile Banking
  • Digital lending
  • Risk & Compliance
  • Rapid Automation – Operations and QA


We help banks and financial institutions digitally transform their businesses and improve operational efficiency, optimize costs, mitigate risk, build agile regulatory responses, and create superior digital experiences.


BFSI Services


BFSI Solutions

  • Customer 360 – Customer
  • Analytics
  • Continuous Automation Testing
  • Mobility Solution for Customer service
  • Could Migration Platform
  • Digital Banking


  1. Financial arm of large Auto OEM – Enabling mobile channel to help increase productivity
  2. US based financial major reduces lending cycle time by digitizing the lending platform
  3. Leading bank rationalizes its core applications by moving to a one single platform


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