Mobile Application leveraging server-less architecture to support multiple “Service Providers”

At a glance

Customer provides UConnect capability to its car owners through two different Service Delivery Platform (SDP) providers. As a result of the dual SDPs, the customerwas in need to develop a global strategy to provide a common mobile application user experience that can integrate with both SDP’s depending on the model year of the car. In addition, the customer aims to provide capabilities in the common app to allow expandability for future owner facing mobile applications such as Owner Manual

What we did

  • Cloud Native Architecture
  • AWS Lambda server-less architecture to support millions of Vehicles
  • High Availability and setup Disaster-discovery
  • Middleware layer to route traffic
  • Implemented IoT to maintain shadow copy of the recent vehicle data for processing even if the vehicle is offline.
  • Agile driven project delivery schedule

Our Solution

STG’s scope of work includes:

  • Study and analyze the Global UConnect Access App mobile application requirements.
  • Study and analyze the technical integration methodologies with Sprint and Sirius XM.
  • Provide a recommendation for utilizing a common user interface regardless of the SDP platform used by the car owner.
  • Provide high level application development and maintenance cost and schedule for the recommended strategy


STG approached this project by providing the following services:

  • Stage 1: Functional Discovery: Define functional requirements (current & future) and identify Business Constraints
  • Stage 2: Technical Discovery: Integration Approach for each service across the SDP platforms & identify integration approach and constraints for future services
  • Stage 3: Analysis: Define Architecture for two-prong integration, Analyze Unified App Feasibility and Define Strategy for collection, storage and custody of data
  • Stage 4: Recommendation: Define UI, Data, Integration, Implementation Strategies and Submit Final recommendation
  • Stage 5: Schedule and Cost Projections: Identify high level cost elements, provide high level development scheduled, operational maintenance and cost estimates


STG Re-Architected the Uconnect Mobile application architecture to support the following requirements.


  • Support more than one Service Provider.
  • Not to be dependent on specific of the Service Provider.
  • One Mobile Application instead of One Mobile App for each Service Provider.
  • Serverless Architecture on Cloud