Data Lakehouse

A data lakehouse is a data solution concept that combines elements of the data warehouse with those of the data lake. Data lakehouses implement data warehouses’ data structures and management features for data lakes, which are typically more cost-effective for data storage. Data lakehouses are useful to data scientists as they enable machine learning and business intelligence.


Features of Data Lakehouse:

As a combination of data warehouses and data lakes, data lakehouses feature elements of both data platforms:


  • Concurrent reading and writing of data
  • Schema support with mechanisms for data governance
  • Direct access to source data
  • Separation of storage and compute resources
  • Standardized storage formats
  • Support for structured and semi-structured data types, including IoT data
  • End-to-end streaming

Advantages of Data Lakehouse:

The ability to derive intelligence from unstructured data (text, images, video, audio) makes handling these types of data critical for businesses. Traditionally, though, data warehouses were not optimized for these unstructured data types, making it necessary to simultaneously manage multiple systems – a data lake, several data warehouses, and other specialized systems. Maintaining various systems can be costly and even delay your ability to access timely data insights.


A single data lakehouse has several advantages over a multiple-solution system, including:

  • Less time and effort administrating
  • Simplified schema and data governance
  • Reduced data movement and redundancy
  • Direct access to data for analysis tools
  • Cost-effective data storage

Data Lakehouse vs Data Warehouse vs Data Lake:

Many businesses operate their data warehouses independently of their data lakes, leveraging data warehousing to derive valuable business insights and using data lakes for storage and data science. Some businesses combine their data lake with their data warehouses in a single data platform — either a data warehouse working in parallel with their data lake or a data warehouse embedded in their data lake — that serves data for business intelligence and data science. Some businesses even add data marts to their data storage stacks, as well.


On the other hand, a data lakehouse serves as a single platform for data warehousing and data lake.

STG Offers the following Data Lakehouse services:

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  • Data Lake Implementation Services
  • Operations: AMS Services



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