The concept of what a car is for is drastically changing. The convergence of four megatrends electrification, autonomous driving, connectivity and the sharing economy is revolutionizing today’s automotive businesses. Each one of these trends is powerful on its own, but the combination of all four is profoundly disruptive and creating the need for change.


In line with the constant change that the automotive industry experiences, STG tracks, analyzes, develops and implements industry solutions that cover every aspect of the business. STG has been creating cutting-edge solutions for our automotive customers around product engineering, dealer systems, new materials, systems integration, plant automation, testing, quality, energy management, alternative technologies, procurement and logistics, market penetration and after sales service.


Our services provide the automotive industry with solutions that drive efficiency while significantly reducing production costs without compromising quality. Our solutions help automotive manufacturers adapt to change and rapidly reshape their business, improve sales processes, strengthen their brands, address new markets and build lasting relationships with their customers.



Key Expertise 

  • Industry X
  • Commercial Fleet
  • Tread
  • Cadet

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