Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Customer Data Platforms empower marketers to seamlessly organize customer data in achieving a 360-degree customer view. With the increased adoption of digital channels, 73% of companies report that a CDP will be critical to their customer experience efforts. Digital advertising apps are booming as companies go all-in on digital spend to match consumer behavior.


Today’s customers expect a lot from companies. They’ve experienced good personalized service, and if you want to keep their business, you need to provide it. A consistent customer experience across channels, appropriate recommendations, tailored communications: for today’s customers these are necessary.


This is why it’s so crucial to have well-maintained, accessible, and insightful customer data. And now, a good CDP makes that possible. It’s only a matter of getting the right data.


STG provides custom solutions to implement Customer Data Platforms and also collaborate with its partners employs state-of-the-art technologies towards implementing the business solutions leveraging leading Customer Data Platforms.


Data Categories that we Collect

Identify Data: Builds the foundation of each customer profile in a CDP. This type of data allows businesses to uniquely identify each customer and prevent costly replications


Descriptive Data: Expands on identity data and gives you a fuller picture of your customer. The categories of descriptive data will vary based on the type of company.


Quantitative or Behavioral Data: Allows businesses to understand how each customer has engaged with their organization, whether through certain actions, reactions, or transactions


Qualitative Data: Provides context for customer profiles; it gives customer data personality. This type of data collects any motivations, opinions, or attitudes expressed by a business’s customers — whether relevant to the company or not.

Capabilities we Deliver

  • Ability to personally identify customers and their contact information
  • Ability to load and store the client’s customer data
  • Accept inputs from multiple data sources and different formats
  • The capability to link data from different sources to the same customer
  • Ability to make the data available to external systems
  • Allow for marketing team to control
  • Ability to apply processes that make the data more useful for marketing
  • Ability to provide personalized experience to customer

Our Solution Benefits

  • Single View of the Customer: Collects data from a wide range of sources, unify it together to form a comprehensive view of the customer across devices and channels, and then make that data available to other systems.
  • Operational Efficiency: CDPs centralize customer data with maintained turnkey integrations saving hours of integration work. Also, audiences and business rules are set up centrally in one place and can be applied across various tools saving huge amounts of duplicated effort between.
  • Customer Experience & Marketing: Organizations gain a complete view of customer behavior that can be used to drive the most comprehensive customer experience possible without blind spots
  • Democratization of Data: A CDP democratizes access to and the ability to leverage customer data across organizational departments and customer touchpoints
  • Agility: Provides a tool to build and connect a flexible technology stack that adapts to ever-changing consumer behavior and changing technology trends.



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