Dealer Audit System Modernization

At a glance

Customer’s Dealer Audit group was using a legacy Lotus Notes System as primary tool for conducting audits at dealerships. The Audit group was using this tool for tracking audit assignment workflow, conducting different type of audits including Sales, Warranty, Parts.


Legacy System did not support the growing needs of the business, consumed high maintenance costs, constantly disrupted the work of the Auditors. Customer partnered with STG to re-write the audit system to meet the growing needs.

What we did

  • Application Modernization
  • “RE-Engineer by Rewriting” Approach to Legacy Modernization
  • Data Migration and Traceability
  • Framework Powered Test Automation
  • Continuous Development, Integration, Testing & Deployment
  • AGILE and DevOps based Delivery
  • Offline Capability
  • Mobile Interface to Scan Documents

Key Challenges:

  • Flexible interface to support various types of audits
  • Flexibility to view maximum amount of data on screen
  • Ability to work without internet connectivity
  • Supporting multiple auditors working on same audit
  • Ability for management to review on-going audits
  • Need to support audits across globe
  • Support large amounts of data for each audit
  • Need to train all the auditors on new system
  • Resistance to change from the end users
  • Lack of documentation to existing system

Our Solution:

STG developed new Global Dealer Audit System for the OEM. STG harvested business rules from the existing systems and conducted workshops to provide best solution to the challenges. New Web based Audit system was developed using latest Microsoft Technologies to support large amount of data, flexibility to support multiple audits and audit reviews. Addressed all the challenges faced by the customers and provided many value-adds during the course of the project.


STG developed a desktop application to support the auditors who need to work at dealerships where internet facility is not available. Provided the capability for multiple auditors to work on the same audit and seamlessly sync data to facilitate online management review of the audits. Auditors were able to consume maximum possible data at a time on the user interface to allow them to work efficiently.


STG developed mobile scanning application to help auditors avoid carrying a physical scanner to scan the documents at dealer site. Encrypted scanned documents can be transferred to the application. STG also conducted multiple hands-on training workshops to train all the auditors across the globe, this helped to onboard the end users who were resistant to change.



Key Takeaways:

  • Customer partnered with STG to re-write their Dealer Audit System
  • STG developed a new web application to support the growing needs of the customer
  • Developed a desktop application to support conducting audits without the need of internet connection
  • Developed Mobile application as a value add to avoid the need of auditors to carry physical scanners to dealer’s office
  • STG trained all the auditors across globe to use the new Audit System.
  • The customer was able to improve the audit performance significantly and able to identify false dealer claims efficiently.




  • A Reliable, Flexible and Scalable system to support global dealership audits.
  • Improved efficiency in conducting audits.
  • Improved quality in audit results and reduced disputes from the dealers.
  • Zero system down time.
  • Flexibility to work without internet connection.
  • Online review and visibility to management.
  • Zero data sync errors.
  • Best KPIs and Results tracking for the management.