Mobility Global Strategy for Financial Services

At a glance

Customer’s Financial Services currently has two mobile apps in the US market. One of their application has been in the US and Canadian markets since 2010 and it provides the same self-service functions that are available on the customer’s web portal.


The customer’s Me Finance mobile application is the next phase in the mobile application strategy for its customers worldwide. This application will support 44 global markets and provide self-service account management features for its lease and retail loan customers. Customer partnered with STG to develop this new mobile application to meet its Mobility needs.

What we did

  • Omni-Channel Experience
  • iOS & Android OS Development
  • Phone & Tablet Interfaces
  • Microservices Development & Integration
  • Framework Powered Test Automation
  • Continuous Development, Integration, Testing & Deployment
  • AGILE and DevOps based Delivery

Key Challenges:

  • Flexible interface to support various markets.
  • Ability to register a new account to manage the account online.
  • Ability to login using CIAM single sign-on.
  • Ability to swipe and view multiple accounts.
  • Ability to make real-time payments.
  • Developed using SAFe methodology.
  • Ability to make real-time payments.
  • Support customers to manage auto pay feature.
  • Support customer to view their payment activity.
  • Allow users to view and download digital contract documents online.

Our Solution:

STG developed the new Me Finance Mobile application in both iOS and Android platforms. STG harvested business rules from the existing mobile applications and developed a new application with rich interface that meets corporate guidelines. STG developed this application by integrating with Daimler’s global authentication system called CIAM.


STG has developed the mobile application to support client’s retail and lease customers to manage their account online. Integrated the mobile application with BFF for higher availability and seamless connectivity. BFF provides the flexibility for mobile application to aggregate multiple API calls and hide sensitive or unnecessary data before transferring it to the frontend application interface.


STG has used App Centre for automatic distribution of mobile applications for testing in lower environments. STG has followed Scaled Agile Frame for Enterprise (SAFe) methodology and developed this application. STG has managed product backlog and completed the feature development as prioritized by product owner.



Key Takeaways:

  • Solution aligned with customer’s DLM strategy.
  • Use of latest native technologies such as Node JS, Kotlin and Swift for better performance.
  • Developed  Me Finance mobile application as one Global solution and launched in 2 markets.
  • Develop rich feature set for one market and leverage it across different markets.
  • Cost optimization by developing single mobile application for around 44 markets.
  • Develop Backend For Front End (BFF) in cloud for higher availability.




  • A Reliable, Flexible and Scalable mobile application to support client’s customers.
  • Improve User Experience and usability (minimize unnecessary clicks, increase intuitiveness, etc.) aspects of the application
  • Develop and leverage rich feature set in other world markets desiring similar functionality.
  • Develop and automate the mobile application using Appium.
  • Implement Backend for frontend architecture for seamless connectivity.
  • MVP 1 (Minimum Viable Product) for US market is scheduled to launch in Q1 2021.
  • Best KPIs and Results tracking for the management.