Assessment and Planning

We help organizations understand how they are progressing in Agile adoption, and provide recommendations for process improvement. Our Agile coaches review your existing teams, their process, and their past performance. We then compare those with the Agile themes and principles as well as our own best practices ‑ to recommend and provide guidelines that will help your organization succeed. Services range from assessing readiness to developing recommendations and roadmaps for continuous improvement.


Key Benefits

  • Assess Agile adoption readiness
  • Develop recommendations for Agile adoption
  • Assess current maturity level of Agile practices
  • Recommendations and roadmap for continuous improvement

Training and Coaching

We coach organizations to reducing the risk to delivery by applying critical guidance, foresight, mentoring and facilitation of agile processes for leadership and their teams. Our Agile coaches provide hands-on, pragmatic guidance to your organization, from strategy to mechanics. They will – when necessary – incorporate training to reduce delivery risk.


Key Benefits

  • Courses on best practices, organizational change, artifacts implementation and coaching
  • Workshops on Agile 101, Team Jumpstart and Scrum master training
  • Two-in-a-box Agile coaches, a personalized coaching model that includes an onsite client manager experienced in your industry working with you, as well as a dedicated delivery manager



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